Wednesday, September 17, 2014

August iPhone Pics

My hubby is a good Daddy. Every night after dinner, he plays with the kids. It's always their choice. Hide and seek, a board game, castles, airplanes, or piggy back rides. It's the highlight of all their days.

We went to see Casper Babypants in concert at Juanita Beach Park. Grayson had been excited all summer for that concert and Mr. Babypants didn't disappoint! After the concert, the traffic was so bad that we couldn't get out of the parking lot! So we decided to go back to the beach where the kids ended up swimming in their clothes. They couldn't believe I was letting them do that, and we all had a blast!

Our lifegroup got together for a play date at Sitpek Park. The kids all love playing together, so they had a great time. They all took turns on Grayson's balance bike and made wood chip meals in the play house.

Last summer we did a major makeover on our backyard...this summer we got to enjoy it! We've had a few bonfires in our fire pit. This time we toasted marshmallows. I think the kids would have eaten the entire bag!
He's getting so big! 

We went blueberry picking with the Hickey's. It was the perfect location. A small enough blueberry field that we could let the kids run wild and not worry about them getting lost. They ate most of the blueberries they picked and we all had a really fun time!

Makenna loved picking blueberries, but most of the berries she selected were green. Every now and then I'd dump her bucket out so she could begin again. :)

Grayson and Tommy took their job very seriously. They were hard workers and picked a good portion of our bounty.

Christian and Makenna checking out the cows in the adjoining pasture. Grayson walked up to the cows and said, "Cow! I command you to moo!". Ha!

We finally got together with our dear friends the Biedermans for an end of summer bbq complete with bonfire and smores. The kids ran wild and were troopers as we kept them up WAY past their bedtime so the adults could spend some much needed time together. 

Another August in the books. I'd say we had a pretty good time!

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