Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goodbye...Hello Crib Side

One of Grayson's favorite things to do is to wake Makenna up from her nap or in the morning. He not so subtley flicks on the light, and then in the sweetest voice coaxes her awake. He likes to give her books to read, sings her songs and tells her stories. The other day he ran to me in the other room after waking her up from her nap to proudly tell me, "I'm teaching Makenna to climb out of her crib so she can come play with me!". 

He'd already (ever so kindly) taught her to climb out of her pack and play (while they were staying at a friend's house...sorry Starrs!), so I decided something had to be done. I didn't want her to start climbing out, and then fall and hurt herself. So off came the side of her crib. She was excited, but Grayson was elated! 

After two night of her crying for all hours, rolling onto the floor, walking around her room and just deciding to stay up until 4:30...the side is back on. We're all sleeping again, and as far as the concern I have about her climbing out of bed....I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Bringing In The New Year

After flying home from Alaska, we swapped bags (already pre-packed before Christmas) and left for the cabin. It was a whirlwind day, but we all wanted to spend as much time as possible at the lake.

There was actually more snow at the cabin than in Alaska! I was a little worried on the drive over as the snow fell heavy from the sky. I've never been so thankful for all-wheel drive and guardian angels!

We went sledding at the State Park for the first time. They have an awesome sledding hill! How have we never gone? This little girl could hardly move in all her snow gear, but she thought she was pretty stealth trying to sneak up on us with a snowball!

Nana was so patient as she helped Grayson navigate the whole new world (to him) of video games.

The lake was starting to freeze. I can only recall one time that the lake actually froze enough to walk out on it. I was a little girl at my Papa's cabin on the far side of the lake. I remember thinking it was so strange to see people walking on water.

This goofball and I played in the snowplow snow banks in the driveway. Sliding down them, crashing and playing pirate ship with snowball cannons.



A bonfire was started on the first day, and the final embers only died away on the day we went home.

This beauty let me pull her in her chariot around the beach, and then she busied herself trying to "clean up" the snow. She made a big effort with little progress.




Getting loves from Auntie GinGin. We had the Trimble family over for a late Christmas party. Flu season had knocked many of them down, so our numbers had dwindled. We played outside, enjoyed the bonfire, ate good food, and played fun games.

It was hard to get back into the groove of "real life" after two weeks of so much fun! 

A White Christmas

This was our year to celebrate Christmas in the last frontier...Alaska. We hopped on the plane painfully early in the morning, and started our adventure.
Makenna was thrilled to have a tea party with Daddy (using his Diet Coke!) on the plane. She'll never want to go back to regular water tea parties again! Despite the early departure, the kids did really great. Auntie Kellie and Uncle Al sat with Grayson, and Makenna was with Adam and I. 

Jaw dropping views as we flew into Anchorage. 

The first gift I gave Adam for Christmas was the gift of playing Risk. Ha! It's not my favorite game, but he REALLY wanted to play. He loves the game. Like it's the highlight of Christmas vacation loves it, so I caved. Unfortunately he also loves to trash talk the entire game, and in the end it backfired on him. Kellie and I made an alliance and kicked his armies off the board.

My kids love Starbucks! One hot vanilla steamer to go for this little girl.

There wasn't a ton of snow in Alaska, and it actually wasn't too cold, but we still had to bundle this girl up. She looked and walked just like the little brother from The Christmas Story...but all in pink with a sparkly scarf of course.

We visited a reindeer farm one afternoon. They had games for the kids, a wagon ride, a big bonfire, awkward pictures with Santa...
and there was also sleds, rescue horses and then we were able to pet and feed the reindeer.



The whole crew.

He loved feeding the reindeer.


Auntie Kellie made Christmas dessert, and the kids got to help.

Mini Betty Crocker.

We went sledding at the school across the street. Grayson had no fear and took off like a wild child down the hill. It was slick and fast! Adam pulled Makenna down in the toddler sled a few times, but she was content to watch.

Christmas Eve service. The kids did really well in the service with us. At one point Makenna yelled "Sheep!!" when she heard the sounds of sheep in the background music. People around us got a good chuckle. 
Grayson was allowed to hold his own candle for the first time this year. He took it very seriously and was very careful not to spill the wax. I was a little nervous about the nylon coat hanging on the chair in front of him!

My boy asked me to build a snowman with him, and of course I said yes!

Out for a walk with my hubby.

Christmas morning breakfast complete with reindeer antlers! Can you tell he was excited!

Unfortunately I got a migraine that morning (of all the days!), so the rest of the morning and afternoon were a bit of a blur. We had a great time opening gifts and the kids were on cloud nine.

At dinner on Christmas Day Alex started talking to Grayson about a "battle", and somehow it turned into a real thing! Before I knew what was going on, Adam had wrapped Grayson in packaging bubbles, armed him with "weapons" and was giving him a pep talk.

The light went out and in walked Alex dressed as a box robot. An epic battle ensued. In the end Grayson won and was given an old trophy from Adam's high school basketball days. Grayson will tell you that the battle was the highlight of his Christmas vacation in Alaska!

The Christmas dessert with Kellie and Queen Elsa.

On our last evening in Alaska, Stan decided to give G his first woodworking class. He showed him the tools he has and taught him to hammer a nail. I told him that I want to sign up for the next class!

What a wonderful time we had in Alaska. I'm so thankful we were able to spend Christmas surrounded by family!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

August iPhone Pics

My hubby is a good Daddy. Every night after dinner, he plays with the kids. It's always their choice. Hide and seek, a board game, castles, airplanes, or piggy back rides. It's the highlight of all their days.

We went to see Casper Babypants in concert at Juanita Beach Park. Grayson had been excited all summer for that concert and Mr. Babypants didn't disappoint! After the concert, the traffic was so bad that we couldn't get out of the parking lot! So we decided to go back to the beach where the kids ended up swimming in their clothes. They couldn't believe I was letting them do that, and we all had a blast!

Our lifegroup got together for a play date at Sitpek Park. The kids all love playing together, so they had a great time. They all took turns on Grayson's balance bike and made wood chip meals in the play house.

Last summer we did a major makeover on our backyard...this summer we got to enjoy it! We've had a few bonfires in our fire pit. This time we toasted marshmallows. I think the kids would have eaten the entire bag!
He's getting so big! 

We went blueberry picking with the Hickey's. It was the perfect location. A small enough blueberry field that we could let the kids run wild and not worry about them getting lost. They ate most of the blueberries they picked and we all had a really fun time!

Makenna loved picking blueberries, but most of the berries she selected were green. Every now and then I'd dump her bucket out so she could begin again. :)

Grayson and Tommy took their job very seriously. They were hard workers and picked a good portion of our bounty.

Christian and Makenna checking out the cows in the adjoining pasture. Grayson walked up to the cows and said, "Cow! I command you to moo!". Ha!

We finally got together with our dear friends the Biedermans for an end of summer bbq complete with bonfire and smores. The kids ran wild and were troopers as we kept them up WAY past their bedtime so the adults could spend some much needed time together. 

Another August in the books. I'd say we had a pretty good time!