Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bringing In The New Year

After flying home from Alaska, we swapped bags (already pre-packed before Christmas) and left for the cabin. It was a whirlwind day, but we all wanted to spend as much time as possible at the lake.

There was actually more snow at the cabin than in Alaska! I was a little worried on the drive over as the snow fell heavy from the sky. I've never been so thankful for all-wheel drive and guardian angels!

We went sledding at the State Park for the first time. They have an awesome sledding hill! How have we never gone? This little girl could hardly move in all her snow gear, but she thought she was pretty stealth trying to sneak up on us with a snowball!

Nana was so patient as she helped Grayson navigate the whole new world (to him) of video games.

The lake was starting to freeze. I can only recall one time that the lake actually froze enough to walk out on it. I was a little girl at my Papa's cabin on the far side of the lake. I remember thinking it was so strange to see people walking on water.

This goofball and I played in the snowplow snow banks in the driveway. Sliding down them, crashing and playing pirate ship with snowball cannons.



A bonfire was started on the first day, and the final embers only died away on the day we went home.

This beauty let me pull her in her chariot around the beach, and then she busied herself trying to "clean up" the snow. She made a big effort with little progress.




Getting loves from Auntie GinGin. We had the Trimble family over for a late Christmas party. Flu season had knocked many of them down, so our numbers had dwindled. We played outside, enjoyed the bonfire, ate good food, and played fun games.

It was hard to get back into the groove of "real life" after two weeks of so much fun! 

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